Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment

Med-I-Well Services offers the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to individuals and/or companies to provide participants’ with a real-time overview of their current health status followed by a one-on-one review of these results with a wellness coach to help improve each participants overall wellbeing.

What is the Health Risk Assessment?
The HRA includes collecting the participant’s biometrics- total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index, body fat percentage, waist circumference, and blood glucose (sugar) - along with answers to lifestyle questions to effectively assess their current cardiovascular, diabetes and weight management health status. Through interactive software and wellness coaching from a certified professional, the benefits of behavioural change can be demonstrated to the individual to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Why is the HRA Beneficial to Your Company?
Many chronic diseases are preventable through early detection, engaging in a healthy lifestyle and becoming aware of any risk factors of potential health problems. The HRA is an essential tool to achieve awareness, facilitate education, promote prevention of chronic diseases and assist in improving the wellbeing of individuals and companies. Positive lifestyle changes can improve individual health and contribute to improved organizational health by decreasing short and long term disability claims, injuries in the workplace, absenteeism, and benefit costs.

Med-I-Well Services will provide your company with an aggregate report to identify the health strengths and deficiencies of the entire company or group. From the results of this report, Med-I-Well Services will work with your company to provide recommendations customized to meet the unique needs, demands and setting of your workforce to improve sustainability, safety, productivity and overall health of your organization.

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