Occupational Athlete Peak Performance Training

Due to the physical and mental demands placed upon your employees and the athletic nature of their occupations, you should proudly consider them as occupational athletes. But are your employees prepared to achieve peak performance?

We believe that just as athletes train for their specific sport, both mentally and physically, high physical demand occupations should also train for their specific job. The Occupational Athlete Peak Performance Training is an innovative solution to train your employees.

The Peak Performance training program is designed to help empower employees to make healthy lifestyle choices, take a proactive approach to their health and invest in their own well-being.

Our Peak Performance training team has a wealth of knowledge in personal training, life coaching, and emergency response. We are also privileged to have two recently retired professional athletes with over 20 years of combined experience at the international level.

Our Trainers:

Kristina van Lankvelt

Kristina van Lankvelt, BSc, MPH

Kristina attended the University of South Florida (USF) on a full-athletic scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science. Kristina competed for the USF volleyball team, and was awarded the NCAA Strength and Conditioning All-American and Institutional Female Athlete of the Year, and was a nominee for the NCAA Woman of the Year. Kristina played volleyball for the Canadian women’s national volleyball team and played professionally in Europe for 4 years. She completed her Masters in Public Health, and is a certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer.

Emily Tetzlaff

Emily Tetzlaff, Bsc, MKH

Emily has an Honours Degree in Physical and Health Education specializing in Health Promotion, and minoring in Gerontology, from Laurentian University. During her undergraduate degree Emily studied abroad in the Republic of Ireland, at the University of Limerick’s Physical Education & Sport Science institute. Emily then completed her Masters in Human Kinetics, specializing in Occupational Health and Safety in mining, and was a Researcher with the Centre for Research in Occupational Health and Safety (CROSH). Emily is also a certified Personal Trainer.

Toon van Lankvelt

Toon van Lankvelt, BA

Toon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Manitoba. Toon recently retired from a very successful 12-year career as a professional and Canadian National Team volleyball player. Toon played in over 50 countries and has represented Canada at World Championships, World Leagues, World Cups, Pan Am Games, and was an alternate for the 2016 Canadian Olympic team. Toon has also completed his provincial firefighter training and is Red Cross certified at the First Responder level.

The three main pillars of the program include:

  • Physical Fitness

    The trainers educate and guide participants through functional exercises customized to meet the demands of their specific job tasks to improve their strength, mobility, reactivity, longevity and safety.
  • Mental Fitness and Preparation

    Stress and anxiety reduction, flow state, and mindfulness are among the topics and exercises that are addressed.
  • Lifestyle Coaching

    The program will provide reliable information and tips on how to sustain healthy eating, proper hydration, optimal sleep and be physically and mentally fit to perform at their best at work and in life.

We know that each company and each occupational athlete are extremely unique, with different needs and interests. Knowing this, in combination with being aware of the breadth of topics in health, wellness and athletic training means there isn't going to be a one size fits all approach.

That is why we have created a fully customizable program that can be tailored to suit your company's needs, while leaving room for individual occupational athletes to personalize their experience.

For more information, please contact Med-I-Well Services at or by phone at 705-671-7356.

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